Thursday, February 18, 2016

2nd Grade Explores the Library Webpage

After learning how to access the new library webpage last week and seeing all the links and things they can do on there, the second graders were very excited to come to library today.  They each got to bring their school iPads and explore on their own or with their friends.  Some of them chose a quiet place so they could hear an author read to them while others sat with friends and played games such as hangman using library words.  Many of them decided to login to their own individual Destiny Quest account to set up their background, look up books, and see what books they had already checked out.  (Destiny Quest is our online library catalog.)  They did a fantastic job of maneuvering around the webpage and were even able to troubleshoot some small issues on their own or for another classmate.  I'm really proud of our little techie kids!  Check out how involved they were in their learning today!