Monday, February 27, 2017

Gobble Gobble...Call Numbers!

The week before Thanksgiving this year, our kids in grades 2-5 took part in a scavenger hunt of sorts.  The students worked with a group to find books in our library with certain call numbers on the spine.  The call numbers were typed on turkey feathers, and the students had to work together to find books to complete their turkey.  They had so much fun doing this and learned how to find books by their call numbers.  Here are our second graders working together on their turkeys.

Christmas Webquest

Back in December, our students in grades 3-5 completed a Christmas Webquest with the help of their iPads and the kid safe search engine called Kid Rex.  The students looked up information and learned some little known facts about Christmas such as:

1. When was the first greeting card made?
2. What makes holly berries dangerous?
3. What country did poinsettias originate from?

We raced against each other to see who could find the answers the fastest.  The 5th graders were really good at looking through the information and finding the specific answer to the questions.  Here are some pictures of them working through this activity.

Let There Be Dancing!

You never know what will happen next on a visit to our library.  After enjoying some Christmas stories back in December, we played a fun video version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer from YouTube.  Little did I know what good dancers our Pre-K students are!  This was totally unprompted and even surprised me. :)  Check out the kids from the class of Ms. Rosanne and Ms. Doris.

3rd Grade Research

Ms. Vasquez and Ms. Segovia brought their third graders to the library to do some research on landforms or bodies of water.  The kids used books and the internet to find information about their chosen subject.  They worked hard and found some interesting facts.

Ice Skating in the Library

Check out Ms. Maria's class "ice skating" in the library! Students in Preschool and Pre-K read a book about ice skating, watched a short video of Peppa Pig and her family ice skating, and then got to try out our version of ice skating using wax paper.  They had a blast!

*Please note: The video will be blurry in full screen.

Texas Bluebonnet Award 2017

Each year, the Texas Library Association nominates 20 books to be considered for the Texas Bluebonnet Award.  Kids (no adults!) in grades 3-6 are allowed the opportunity to vote for the winner.  In order to be eligible to vote, students must read (or have read to them) at least 5 of the nominated books.  I have the kids fill out a short review sheet to prove that they read the books.  

This year, we had 7 kids earn the right to vote: one 3rd grader, three 4th graders, and three 5th graders.  The kids voted for Pizza Hut for their lunch, and we talked about the books and then voted online.  These 7 kids were also informed of a little surprise!  Sometime this spring, we will be taking a field trip to Barnes and Noble to spend some of the money that we earned last year from our B&N book fair.  The kids will be able to pick out books for our library as well as picking out a book of their own.  

The Bluebonnet Award is a huge deal in the Texas reading/library world, and it is such an honor for the author and illustrator to be chosen as the winner.  We found out a couple of weeks after we voted that the winner of this year's Texas Bluebonnet Award is Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson.  This book was definitely a hit among our readers, too!

Here are some pictures from our voting party.  Congratulations to them all!  I am so proud of them. :)

*Koa missed our voting party, but we did cast his vote for him.  He'll also be able to join us on our field trip to Barnes and Noble.