Friday, January 17, 2020

New Year's Resolutions 2020

Our third graders took some time this week to think about some things that they'd like to change about themselves this year.  Click on the link below to take a look and listen to their videos about their new year's resolutions for 2020.


Library Musical Chairs

Many of us are creatures of habit and often gravitate to the same books, movies, and tv shows that we've read and seen many times before.  Kids are no different.  How many times can kids read The Book With No Pictures or the same super hero book from last week or the same series that they've checked out a million times before?  You'd be surprised! :)  We changed things up a bit this week and explored many different types of books that are part of our library collection.  How did we do that? We played library musical chairs, of course!

Ice Skating in the Library

In San Antonio, our weather doesn't really allow us much opportunity to participate in outdoor winter activities. That doesn't stop us, though. We improvise! After reading a book or two about activities in the snow, our Preschool and Pre-K kids got to "ice skate" in the library. We had a blast, and some of the kids even had some fancy moves. :) Enjoy!